Shipping International

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All International Customers Please Note: 

We are able to ship internationally for $15 Dollars Flat Rate. However, please understand before making an international purchase that WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONCE THE ITEM LEAVES OUR HANDS.

  • International Orders: Once an order leaves our warehouse we do not assume responsibility of the item ordered nor can we assist in finding packages that are marked as delivered or missing in transit. International Customers, Please take notice of this before making your purchase. If your order is missing in transit, you will need to contact USPS to get your package delivered.
  • We Ship all of our packages via USPS First Class Mail. We print out the shipping label exactly as it is entered in to the system, so please take care to enter in the full and complete correct address 
  • International orders will greatly improve the chances of a smooth delivery if they enter in a phone number for the courier.
  • While we try to assist best we can, customers may be responsible to pay for customs tax. Please reach out to your local customs office for more details.
  • If an international package is missing in transit, it is the customer's prerogative to reach out to their local post.

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