Their is a line or inconsistency on my jean, what does that mean?

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The imperfect beauty of Selvage Denim

Shuttle looms are a lot like a record player (well for this analogy at least). The record player, along with the vinyl record produce an analog warmth in the listening experience that is not present in modern digital playback. The imperfect sound is precisely what makes it a unique and enjoyable listening experience, each record different from the next due to these sound imperfections. Shuttle looms produce a lot of imperfections during the weave process - the snap, crackle & pop if you will, that give selvedge denim its distinct appearance. We have listed here what some of these weave imperfections look like, and, if you're lucky could be visible on your selvedge denim.


 We hope this short synopsis of the weaving of process clarifies the difference between selvedge denim and non-selvedge denim. If not please feel free to chat us on any product page that you see the chat icon or send us an email 

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