How do I measure my jeans to figure out my size in Brave Star Jeans

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We have shipped thousands of jeans online to our customers without a fitting room to determine their fit. From our experience, the best way to determine your fit is to take the best fitting pair of jeans that you have and to measure them like this:

For more detailed information, you can see our fit guide here. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the detailed spec's of all of our jean fits.

Waist Measure:

Lay the jeans on a flat surface. Flatten the waistband by pressing out any wrinkles or kinks with your hands. Pull the front waistband up parallel with the back waistband and measure across the top from edge to edge. This edge to edge measurement will give you a half measure which is what we have listed below in our sizing chart. A full measure can be obtained by doubling the flat measurement number for e.g. 16.75 inches x 2 = 33.5 inches. A Full measure (Flat Lay x 2) is NOT the waist size you will purchase from us. The Full Measure is the number used to compare to our fit guide to determine your waist size. 

Low Hip:

This is an important point of measure for low hips and seat. Flatten down the hips so no wrinkle or kinks remain.

Next, measure 6 inches down from the bottom of the waistband at the side seam. Mark with your finger or light colored pencil.

Measure at a slight downward angle just below the J stitch and then across the opposite side going up at the same slight angle. A picture is worth a thousand words so here it is.


Most folks get this wrong, thats ok this is how you get the correct measure. Measure one inch down from the midpoint between the double needle stitch of the front rise. Mark with your finger or light colored pencil.

Measure across at a slightly upward angle following the natural pitch of the thigh panel.


Measure from the same midpoint of the double needle at the top where the thigh and crotch meet. Walk the tape measure down the contour of the inseam along the stitch to the edge of the hem. 

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